Celebrating 10 years of tradition, innovation and whimsy

Making Christmas 2020 memorable in a beautifully delicious way.

Meet Kat

Limited Edition 2020 Gingerbread Creations

In celebration of 10 years in business, my anniversary line up reflects all the special ingredients that make my business unique: tradition, innovation and whimsy.

If there’s any year where a little extravagance is acceptable, it’s this year! We will all be celebrating at home this Christmas, so I’ve poured my creativity into helping you make this Christmas magic.

Let Christmas 2020 be remembered as the year when the tree was covered in home baked goodness, the brown paper packages were tied up with treats, and the gifts you gave were so special that no one was quite sure if they were meant to be eaten or admired.

Welcome to Kat’s Cakes Gingerbread Line-Up

Personalized Gingerbread Houses $25

LIMITED EDITION 2020 gingerbread houses are slightly larger and customizable with your choice  of roof pattern, fancy sprinkle mix and name personalization!

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Corporate Edible Image Gingerbread Houses $30

Fa la la I am the master at customizable edible image marketing! These fabulous gingerbread houses can be customized with your’s or your customer’s logo as a creative, thoughtful touch

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Corporate Gifts

Fa la la I am the master at customizable edible image marketing! Fabulous cookies, houses and gift box sets customized to reflect your business or theirs. Email Kat directly to discuss your order!

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Decorate Your Own Gingerbread Houses $25

Ask and you shall receive! The long awaited DIY gingerbread house that won’t collapse as you decorate it! To help you create new magical moments, I bring you this awesome kit, complete with 3 colours of icing and a sh&$@-sugar-tonne of candy and sprinkles. I’ve already constructed the house for you so it will stand long enough to be admired!

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‘Dear Santa’ Cookie Set $25

Santa will be delighted to see this thoughtful display you set out for him! Complete with 2 decorated gingerbread men, a Letter-To-Santa-Cookie (that can actually be written on!) and a Certificate-Cookie in velvet bag for Santa to write on and leave behind on Christmas morning. Comes with an edible ink marker.

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Bougie-Gingerbread People Cookie Set $20/6 in gift box

Do you have someone on your Christmas list who loves a little extra sparkle in their life! These cookies were designed for the love of my life…my very best friend who always knows what to say, when to be there and how to make me feel important. Alysha…these are for you. I can’t wait until we are wrinkled old widows so we can be roommates with all the bougie-ness in the land.

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Joy to the World Cookie Set $45/dozen in gift box

Bring some joy into the world by gifting these beautiful cookies in a gift box.

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‘Merry & Bright’ Bougie Cookie Set $55/dozen in gift box

These elegant cookies are part of my bougie-cookie lineup! The perfect way to add extravagance to your table, tree and gifts.

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Gingerbread Stick Set $18/6 in gift box

Consider these decadent delights as a replacement to a standard box of chocolates. Drizzled with white and dark chocolate then sprinkled with my oh-so-special Kat’s Cakes anniversary chocolate coated crunchy sprinkle mix. Wow!

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Place Card Houses $50/6 ($8/additional house)

You may not be able to gather together at each other’s christmas table this year, so send along something beautiful so you can be at the table in a different way! Or spoil the members in your bubble with extravagant place cards at the holiday feast! Comes with an edible ink marker so you can personalize each guest’s spot at the table for the holiday meal.

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Love Notes $20/4 in gift box

These over-sized fancy love note cookies can be kept in the freezer to be brought out as a pick-me-up any day of the year. Complete with an edible-ink marker so you can write a note of love or encouragement when needed most.

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Mug Huggers $15/4 in gift box

Keep your hot cocoa and cookie close with these signature-creations! Designed to sit on the side of a mug or glass, keep them in the freezer and pop out for your next coffee date or wow a client in your next meeting! A thoughtful stocking stuffer for the coffee, tea or hot chocolate fanatic on your gift list.

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Sharing Treats Set $40

This set is perfect for decorating your tree, trimming your gifts or sharing with your co-workers. Each set includes: 4 gingerbread men, 4 cinnamon swirl cookie-pops and 4 gingerbread snowflakes.

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Poinsettia Bouquets $45/bouquet of 9 cookies

New Winterspice Soft-Bite Icing! At first glance no one knows they are cookies! A decorative and delicious floral centrepiece for your mantle.

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Gingerbread Advent People $65 individually packaged in a gift box

These jolly gingerbread people will not only bring festive magic to your home but smell and taste amazing! All ages will enjoy a daily treat to dip into their cozy warm beverage!

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Kat Murray | Owner + Exquisite Baker

Being a Baker I have always created desserts with sharing in mind – many of my creations mark the special moments people come together for large celebrations such as weddings, birthdays and Christmas gatherings. Unfortunately, in the face of COVID-19, gathering in groups for celebrations is no longer an option, causing an interesting hurdle for Kat’s Cakes. With every challenge I see opportunity so I battened down the hatches, I closed up shop and set out to reshape my business model to suit the changing needs of our community. This year, I’ve seen an increasing need for thoughtful touches, smaller and more frequent ‘check-ins’ and taking the time for more meaningful connections – it is my hope that my baking helps people send love, feel love and create memorable moments for years to come.

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